11/05/2014 – 11/07/2014 New and Recent Work By Rhonda Whitehead.

New Hall Art Collection, Murray Edwards College, Huntingdon Road Cambridge CB3 ODF

Press Release New Hall 2014

In new and recent  works, in mixed media and oil on canvas and paper , scrapings, colour, stucco, openings, recesses, shutters, underlying geometry, architectural details, erosion caused by weathering are all elements in the built environment that painter Rhonda Whitehead finds inspiration from.

As one critic says ‘ The artist’s eye sees detail that rings with life as buildings crumble ‘

Monica Petzal, Marina Vaizey, Sarah Kent, William Packer, Valdemar Januszczak, Guy Brett, Margaret Garlake to mention a few, have all written enthusiastically about her work.

new hall DSC_0683 new hall DSC_0684 new hall DSC_0687 New Hall 14