February 18th-19th 1984 London Galleries Proliferate

By Max Wykes-Joyce

International Herald Tribune

LONDON — With the proliferation of quality galleries, it is almost impossible to go to any district in London without discovering an exhibition worth a visit.

At the Paton Gallery in Covent Garden is a show of recent paint­ings by Rhonda Whitehead who, though born in Australiastudied at London art schools and colleges, and now lives and works in East Anglia. The ample skies and wide flatlands which form the chief theme of her paintings portray the spirit of the places rather than attempting to reproduce their physical configuration. The smaller works, a clever combination of pastel and watercolor, are particularly fine.

“Rhonda White head” Paton Gallery, 2 Langley CourtLong Acre,WC2, to Feb. 25.