January 15th 1982 Time out, Visual Arts: Selections


House 62 Regents Park Ad, NW1 (586 5170) Camden Town tube. Tue-Sun llam-6pm.

Since her recent show at the Ikon Gallery Rhonda Whitehead’s thoughtful and very beautiful paintings have altered considerably.

The smooth, classical lines and planes of white and icy pastel have been replaced by gentle curves in pale yellows, greens and blues. With titles like ‘Field Pattern’, they are more painterly and refer to the landscape and light of Norfolk where she now spends much of her time. Stephen Carter continues the constructivist tradition of the gallery with eight wall pieces which investigate the relationships between materials and processes, using the format of circle and rectangle. But these rigours restrict his obviously sensual paint handling and delicate colour sense to the point where th­e works become lifeless, academic exercises. Downstairs, Luxembourg artist Rita Wolff shows immaculate surreal watercolours in exquisite frames that are an essential component of the work.

The imagery is derived from the artist’s actual dreams and from fantasies about unbuilt architectural projects. There is much of de Chirico and Delvaux in these spectacular perspectives and powerful female forms. Though the scale is often tiny, the vision is grandiose and absorbing:

recommended. (Until Feb 7). (Monica Petzal)