Europe Prize for painting

Europe Prize for Painting, Oslend

and Rhonda Whitehead (born Australia) with her delicate ‘Sky series’ abstracts, which were too fine to reproduce in the otherwise excellent catalogue (100 Belgian francs), which illustrates all the hung artists with portrait and work and gives studio addresses.

For the record, 1 look forward to following the future work of the three prizewinners and of Thijs, Tibo, Den Hertog, Heyrman (a tour de force of a painted rain puddle here!), Maillien, Van Gasteren, Barten, Grotenbreg, Hubert, Janssen, Lannoye, Loix, Pemmelaar, Poirel, Sakuraba, Van Veen, Van Veldhuizen and Whitehead.

Michael Shepherd