Statement 1

Recent paintings since 2003 are as much influenced by modes of abstraction as they are by weathering patterns in Italian city buildings. Solid areas of warm, earth (mid toned) colours are a contrast to earlier work inspired by scouring patterns in nature in the ‘Rock Series’ and aqueous transparent colours in the ‘Water Series’.

Photography continues to be an integral and essential part of the process of the picture making. Often taking photographs of details and later in the studio enlarging the image on to dramatic larger canvases. Sometimes ambiguous, “Is it a detail or a total view?” Initial studies are made in oils on paper and small canvases, in oil before scaling up to larger paintings. Earlier series of work have concentrated on nature water, plants and light were the subject of the Water Series captivating the dark resonating moods of many dark layers, complex hidden life, of the darker canvases to light airy paintings captivating the snag and flow of vegetation on the surface and the changing play of light, in the lighter blue paintings.

After an extensive trip to Australia and the Northern Territory. The resulting paintings of brown sometimes slab like shapes resonating the structures and fabric of scouring, weathering patterns sometimes millions of years old.

Rhonda Whitehead 2006