January 29th February 4th 1982 Visual Arts ‘City Limits’

Visual Arts ‘City Limits’

House 62 Regents Park Road. NW1 (586 5170) Chalk Farm tube Tue-Sun


Rhonda Whitehead’s paintings make an immediate impression both of delicacy and freedom as you goin. Faint arched forms, like a rainbow or horizon edge, or a simple gesture of the arm, cross a cold white canvas. Their faint but sharp colors are beautifully judged and give the whole room an airy feeling. Clearly she has gained by moving to this more expansive style from earlier geometric devices. Also in the upstairs room is Stephen Carter, whose white wall pieces depend on the ef­fects of light across small variations of sur­face. Downstairs are some interesting small precisionist pictures by a Luxembourg born artist, Rita Wolff, which gain their effect by the way she translates dreams (her own and those of friends) into a kind of emotional architec­ture. Until Feb 7).


Guy Brett