March 1981: Trailer The Guardian ART

ART:   There is no better place to see an artist’s, work than in the studio in which it was produced. The artists of 8 Berry Street, EC1 (they include the excellent Heinz-Dieter Pietsch, Rhonda

Whitehead: Susan Hifler) will be opening their studios and available for discussion for the next three days. A new Jon. Groom installation will be. on show at the River­side Studio’s foyer from Mon. day. Anthony d’Offay (Dering Street, W 1) is showing a fine collection of David Born. berg’s work coupled with a very loud selection of paint­ings by rising New Spirit star, Rainer Fetting.

Tomorrow is the last day of the marvellous Edward Hopper exhibition at the Hayward. Don’t miss Ernesto Tatafiore at the Lisson Gal­lery (Whitefleld Street, W1); Sean Scully at the Rowan Gallery (Bruton Place, W 1) or~ the Picasso Graphics at the French insti­tute, Queensbury Place SW 7 (until Wednesday). WJ.