November 13th 1998 Rhonda’s Walkabout

RHONDA WHITEHEAD revisited her native Australia and was stunned. She was drawn, unresisting into the desert’s essence, enthralled by the shift of light, the menace of shade and lingering presence of the past. She lives in Swain’s Lane, Highgate, but it is Australia and Norfolk that inspire her exhibition, Land- and Water, at 3-4 South Square, Gray’s Inn, Ho!born, until Christmas. Australia is not the sun-seared monotone one might imagine. The land is rife with subtle alteration and elemental shock. In her abstractions Whitehead has an instinctive eye for haunting variations with hints of blue, interjections of white and the spread of sudden shadow. One reads the paintings personally — ghostly figures might be materialising from the past and eerily entering the present.

Ten per cent of the proceeds from the show will go to the lawyer’s charity Bar Pro Bono Unit.

To view the exhibition ring Yvonne Cocklin on 0171-696 6456.